Friday, November 19, 2004

The Dollar

Today Greenspan expressed some concern about the weakness of the dollar. Amazingly enough this took place on the same day that Congress passed an 800 billion dollar hike in the debt ceiling. Coincidence?

Probably, but is Greenspan really concerned? Or is he just feighning concern in an attempt to further weaken the dollar? Very sneaky that would be. Well I always liked him, I hope he can continue to do a good job.

Personally, though I'm concerned, all I know is that my salary is staying the same and the cost of things like gas and chocolate (clearly a priority) are increasing. This is not good for me at least. I certainly hope that someone knows what they are doing and has some sort of long term plan. (Long term plans not including prayer as a method of fixing the problem obviously)

But I really think congress should be looking into some of the spending going on before they start increasing the debt ceiling. That's like me calling my credit card companies to raise my limit even when I haven't made a payment in three months. Not Good people, Not Good.