Thursday, December 02, 2004

Abstinence is the only way to get to heaven.

For most of my life I have considered scientists to be very respectable individuals. In fact one of the things I enjoyed the most about college was being surrounded by people who were seeking the truth beyond their personal views and or opinions. Though many people catagorize most institutions of education as being "Liberal" (obviously besides those with a religious bent) I disagree. I think that when conducting scientifically sound studies and reporting those results in an attempt to find out more about the human condition is a "liberal" attribute, I then wonder about those non-liberals out there.

The reason I'm talking about this is during my daily perusal of I came across an article about the Abstinence oriented programs supported by the Bush administration in schools.

Which was very interesting. I especially found the part at the bottom where they cite the gender biases inherent in such programs. (As a product of one of these programs I found it very interesting, I am especially glad that I went to an all girll highschool so that I had a chance to find out that I too, can have a life and be fulfilled. I think that abstinence oriented educationleaves one ill prepared for the real world. In fact, I think I was ill prepared for the real world, I was just very very lucky.)

ANYway. I then followed the trail of information to Rep. Waxman's website.

Where I found very interesting information about the Bush's Administration's policies with respect to all things science. And as it turns out there are some scientists in the world who are biased, and are not seeking the truth, but rather seeking to confirm their own point of view. So I will direct you dear reader to this website. So far I have only read the bits on Global Warming and Abstinence. But it's been very enlightening. Though I am sure their is bias inherent in the site, I don't have time to backtrack all of their references. I would love to hear some of it refuted though.