Thursday, December 02, 2004


Salon and the Advice Goddess recently brought to my attention

"The new Pentagon PaperA scathing top-level report, intended for internal consumption, says that Bush's "war on terrorism" is an unmitigated disaster. Of course, the administration is ignoring it."

which you can read for yourself if you speak politics;


I don't know dear imaginary reader if you would call this scathing, but I certainly would not. However I will admit that thus far I have only managed to muddle through the Executive Summary and it was, well.... hard to read. But within it there are reccomendations to improve what is called "Strategic Communication" which, I think is government speak for not looking like idiots in the public eye. And I think, the report might be saying something about we are assholes who appear to not give a crap what the rest of the world thinks and that we should try to stop being assholes.

But... I'm not real sure. So how Salon managed to figure it out is beyond me. I think this deserves further review, and hopefully someone less clearly in hate with the Bush Administration will read the damn thing and figure out what it actually says. But if no one else does.... I guess I'm in for some light reading.