Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Christmas Spirit

This weekend when I was talking to my mom she asserted that I had something against Christmas. Now I should share with you, dear non existant reader, that in my highschool days (5 years ago) I worked in a gift store that specialized in Christmas ornaments and and Nutcrackers. And that in this store, we listened to Manheim Steamroller from August to January, (Until they came out with their Disney album and then we listened to it year round). And so through the animosity of beanie babie collectors wanting their $5 sack of plastic and cloth painstaikingly gift wrapped and the irritation of well off collectors a the smallest scratch on their USELESS PEICES OF WOOD I grew to become, well lets say "disenchanted" with the holiday.

I did not realize that this made me Schrooge just because I would rather not listen to the same christmas carols over and over and over sung by different people and would have preferred Handel's messiah or even some secular type Frank Sinatra. In fact I have always enjoyed seeing my family around the holidays, especially after I moved away and no longer saw them more than three times a year. But today I read an article that helped explain the growing holiday rift between myself and my family


Which talks about the correlation between the "messages" of recent Santa type flicks and what I will here call "red state" values. So basically it talks about how movies now encourage accepting something without proof, much like our government has been encouraging lately (see previous posts).

I don't know where I was going with this. More later.