Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Alert: Talking about Sex can get you Pregnant!

No, But seriously. Apparently acknowledging that children having genitals (and possibly, SHOCK, knowing they have genitals) before the age of 18 causes all sorts of problems. In fact they are probably giant homosexuals that will eventually be executed (more on that here).

And actually the above link talks about my second link of the day This Bitch. Who may actually be the stupidest woman on the face of the planet. To boil it down for those of you who no like read. Woman, jewish folky family from New Jersy, grows up, loses her innocence and has to deal with the real world, daughter gets molested by 13 year old neighbor because he saw some porn. Daughter is depressed and dies of aneurism eventually (very sad :-( ) And it can all be blamed on Mr. Alferd Kinsey, of recent biografilm fame. (Though is survey wasn't very accurate his subject matter was original and as a statistician I respect him for asking questions about new subjects, even if his work isn't as statistically valid as I would like) Apparently acknowleding our sexuality is the worst possible thing we could ever do.

Which, brings me to a very funny post on the Cabal site mocking abstinence programs in our schools (See my below post about heaven)