Monday, January 17, 2005

Can we stop it?

Today on CNN I read about an article by Mr. Hersh claiming that the Bush Administration is developing plans to invade Iran. At first I thought that the article was published three years late with a typo. But no, Its current and he's very serious.

I don't know if this is accurate and I don't necessarily think it is. But my question is What IF? What will happen if we invade Iran? Our international reputation is already shakey at best. And slightly less than half of America is clearly less than thrilled with our Presidents current actions. How will America Respond? Could we stop him if we wanted to? I would like to believe that we could, but we failed in our first attempt to stop him in november, how do we stop him now?

After invading Afghanistan it wasn't long before we hit Iraq. I know we cannot handle further conflict, our military resources are streatched to the brink. How could the Administration even BEGIN to CONSIDER the idea of invading another country right now? But Will the American people stand idly by and let this happen? What could we do? Will we be silenced again by the suppresion of dissent? Will we be forced to become terrorists ourselves in order to be heard in the halls of our government? How many military men will have to defect? How many protesters will have to show up on the white house lawn? What will we have to do to stop it?

I think about it, and I am afraid.