Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Is there a Draft in here?

From Time magazine:

Outside observers agree. "The Army's wheels are going to come off in the next 24 months," Barry McCaffrey, a retired four-star Army general, said last week. "The data are now beginning to come in to support that." McCaffrey said the service needs to add 80,000 troops to ease the strain brought on by the Iraq war. "We are in a period of considerable strategic peril," he said. "And it's because Rumsfeld has dug in his heels and said, 'I cannot retreat from my position.

Not good news folks. Rumsfeld is being a stubborn ass as usual and the article goes on to talk about what happend in Vietnam, although they differentiate between the All Mercenary I mean Volunteer army that we have today.

This whole article is in response to a statement by the head of the national gaurd saying we don't have enough troops. SURPRISE. I have friends on their way over in June, I can only hope things aren't fubar by the time they get there.