Monday, January 03, 2005

Poor Little Rich Girls

Today the Advice goddess has come through for me again, linking to this FABULOUS! blog post by some girl who is so much funnier than me it's unfair. The post is about this lovely article which tells the story of a girls desperate search for an apartment in NYC. ......which her parents are paying for.

And this brings me to the plight of many young girls who are blessed with parents who have money. I have found that there are many mental problems that these girls must conquor before being able to live a real and fulfilling life.

The first and most serious of these issues is called SRGS. SRGS is a very serious affliction. It frequently affects work and school for these young girls. It can also result in social problems. SRGS (Spoiled Rich Girl Syndrome) usually affects the younger daughters of affluent parents. These girls develop a variety of behaviors to avoid doing any actual work. In some girls (whose are psychologists) it is frequently mistaken for ADD or ADHD. These girls will usually confirm this by exhibiting behaviors like, loving horses for a week and spending all of their time on them, and then switching to something new like boys, or expensive cars. Also sometimes this syndrome can lead to drug use as a young adult.

SRGS (Spoiled Rich Girl Syndrome)
Symptoms: Similar to ADHD or ADD, inability to complete schoolwork on time if at all. Inability to uphold commitments. Frequent changes of interests from one expensive hobby to the next. Sometimes leads to drug use as a young adult.

Treatment: The best treatment for this syndrome is a regular doses of Vitamin D (Discipline) and positive attention at a young age. However if not administered regularly before puberty attempts at post pubescent Vitiman D administration can result in complications. After Puberty their are several experimental treatments but none have proven to be 100% effective

PPD (Poor Parenting Disorder)
Both girls and boys can suffer from PPD and it is not restricted to children whose families have higher incomes.

Symptoms: Early inability to distinguish between Parents and an ATM Machine. Attempts at careers for which they are poorly suited (singing, acting etc) usually funded by Parents. Unemployment and depression as a young adult as child adapts to "real world."

Treatment: Preventative treatments are best administered in early childhood. Restricting of funds to weekly allowance, payment for chores are some examples. This disease can be treated Post Puberty by limiting the availability of funds from Parents and encouraging the child to get a part time job.

These are just 2 of the many tragic emotional disorders suffered by children of rich parents. I'd post more, but no one is reading this anyway.