Friday, January 21, 2005

You watch Spongebob? Man, that's Gay.

Apparently Spongebob is promoting the "gay agenda" in schools by being part of a tolerance video that includes sexual identity as one of the things we should learn to tolerate. CNN has an article proclaming this ridiculous claim. And the exaulted JeffJarvis has blogged a response to these accusations.

I'm mostly laughing, because this is possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Of course I'm outraged, but, i've been outraged so much recently I've run out of rage. So now I'm just Out. (What!? Out of the closet? Does Shinobi have THE GAY!? keep reading and find out.)

I had to take a moment to see what our friends at FoxNews had to say. Up and under "Features" We have an article headlined as SpongeBob Gaypants? From the NYPost. But nothing more conservative than what was on CNN. But I do think that publicizing these RIDICULOUS and INSANE opinions is possibly the dumbest thing anyone could do.

"The creators of the video, the We Are Family Foundation (search) — started by music legend Nile Rodgers (search), who wrote the song — say its message is to foster tolerance and plan to send copies this spring to up to 70,000 school districts nationally."

Yay, fostering tolerance. Apparently in addition to promoting the Gay Agenda the video promotes tolerance of racial and other individual differences. Horrible.

Parents all over the world now fear that their children will see this video and catch THE GAY. They should keep careful watch on their children for any signs. The first symptom of having THE GAY is not hating gay people. As soon as your children stop hating anyone who looks a little fem you have to question... Do they have THE GAY?

And if catch find boys enjoying art and literature it is almost certain, THE GAY has begun. The GAY is still curable until you reach Musical Theater stage (wherein the boy voluntarily participates in musical theater for a reason other than a girl and enjoys listening to the soundtracks when not at rehearsal) at which point there is no turning back. Parents must be on their gaurd for any of the early warning signs of THE GAY. As soon and any symptoms manifest it is best to enroll the child in a sports program of some kind, or take him away for a "weekend camping with the guys."

The symptoms in girls are different, interests in camping, sports like log cutting, or a wish to be something other than married with 7 kids by the time she is 25 are sure indications that your daughter has the gay. She is easily cured by a subscription to Seventeen and watching a few Hilary Duff movies. (Unless she has already moved to the short hair. flannel, and angry girl music stage, in which case she will only use these as masturbation material and is beyond help.)

Do you have THE GAY?