Friday, January 21, 2005

You watch Spongebob? Man, that's Gay.

Apparently Spongebob is promoting the "gay agenda" in schools by being part of a tolerance video that includes sexual identity as one of the things we should learn to tolerate. CNN has an article proclaming this ridiculous claim. And the exaulted JeffJarvis has blogged a response to these accusations.

I'm mostly laughing, because this is possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Of course I'm outraged, but, i've been outraged so much recently I've run out of rage. So now I'm just Out. (What!? Out of the closet? Does Shinobi have THE GAY!? keep reading and find out.)

I had to take a moment to see what our friends at FoxNews had to say. Up and under "Features" We have an article headlined as SpongeBob Gaypants? From the NYPost. But nothing more conservative than what was on CNN. But I do think that publicizing these RIDICULOUS and INSANE opinions is possibly the dumbest thing anyone could do.

"The creators of the video, the We Are Family Foundation (search) — started by music legend Nile Rodgers (search), who wrote the song — say its message is to foster tolerance and plan to send copies this spring to up to 70,000 school districts nationally."

Yay, fostering tolerance. Apparently in addition to promoting the Gay Agenda the video promotes tolerance of racial and other individual differences. Horrible.

Parents all over the world now fear that their children will see this video and catch THE GAY. They should keep careful watch on their children for any signs. The first symptom of having THE GAY is not hating gay people. As soon as your children stop hating anyone who looks a little fem you have to question... Do they have THE GAY?

And if catch find boys enjoying art and literature it is almost certain, THE GAY has begun. The GAY is still curable until you reach Musical Theater stage (wherein the boy voluntarily participates in musical theater for a reason other than a girl and enjoys listening to the soundtracks when not at rehearsal) at which point there is no turning back. Parents must be on their gaurd for any of the early warning signs of THE GAY. As soon and any symptoms manifest it is best to enroll the child in a sports program of some kind, or take him away for a "weekend camping with the guys."

The symptoms in girls are different, interests in camping, sports like log cutting, or a wish to be something other than married with 7 kids by the time she is 25 are sure indications that your daughter has the gay. She is easily cured by a subscription to Seventeen and watching a few Hilary Duff movies. (Unless she has already moved to the short hair. flannel, and angry girl music stage, in which case she will only use these as masturbation material and is beyond help.)

Do you have THE GAY?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Girls can't play baseball!

Today While reading a terrifying blog entry about Condi's Confirmation hearing comparing her to Nefertiti, ( I have great respect for Condi by the way, but I don't have great respect for the way she seems to have layed down and spread her legs (figuratively) for our president.) I came across this lovely entry. Which linked me to this article about the President of Harvard, Lawrence Summers.

Apparently on last Friday Larry (as I will call him because it's an ugly name and he pissed me off) well Larry spoke at a convention about the differences between the sexes.

"The president of Harvard University prompted criticism for suggesting that innate differences between the sexes could help explain why fewer women succeed in science and math careers"

I'm glad to hear it prompted "criticism" because in MY opinion it should have prompted OUTRAGE. I am so angry right now I can barely see my screen. Larry is in charge of one of the most respected universities in the country and he DARES to FUCKING REPEAT THIS ABSOLUTE TRIPE WHAT A FUCKIGN ASSHOLE I WANT TO SHOVE MY CPU UP HIS ASS.

::breathes:: Okay. I think I'm done with that, but there may be future outbursts.

Anyway, apparently he was trying to be "provacative" and to stir debate. But I think he should re think his "candid" speach and realize there are other factors at work here besides biology and that I really doubt that biology has much to do with it. I am a big believer in speaking candidly, and so I will.

Its possible that women are biologically inferior to men. Adn that's why we can't drive cars, vote, or think rationally about anything. Oh... wait, we can vote and drive cars? Yay, lets go Shopping.


Maybe, women don't succeed in Math and Science fields because of the natural bias in the education system. Women aren't expected to do well and therefore they do not (The math and science programs at my all girls school were atrocious and without good reason to be that way) and there is something to be said for expectations. In fact, if you got a group of people together who were going to take a test and you said, People with brown hair score highest on this test, unless they have blue eyes and then they usually fare poorly. The probability that such a bias would Actually exist in the results of the test is higher than chance.

Maybe women don't succeed in Math and Science fields because they are limited by teachers and employers along the way. It is possible that teachers and prof. as well as employers would view a woman in a math/science field as being less competant than a man. (like my boss for instance, asshole) For these reasons they might make certain assumptions and act on them before actually assesing the competency of these women. As much as we would all like to believe that no one has a gender bias, it is clear that some people do.

In fact, it is clear our buddy Larry does

"He also cited as an example one of his daughters, who as a child was given two trucks in an effort at gender-neutral upbringing. Yet he said she named them "daddy truck" and "baby truck," as if they were dolls." So what? Dickhead.

"Summers already faced criticism because the number of senior job offers to women has dropped each year of his three-year presidency."

I hope his daughter grows up and becomes a chemist so she can blow up her father.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Can we stop it?

Today on CNN I read about an article by Mr. Hersh claiming that the Bush Administration is developing plans to invade Iran. At first I thought that the article was published three years late with a typo. But no, Its current and he's very serious.

I don't know if this is accurate and I don't necessarily think it is. But my question is What IF? What will happen if we invade Iran? Our international reputation is already shakey at best. And slightly less than half of America is clearly less than thrilled with our Presidents current actions. How will America Respond? Could we stop him if we wanted to? I would like to believe that we could, but we failed in our first attempt to stop him in november, how do we stop him now?

After invading Afghanistan it wasn't long before we hit Iraq. I know we cannot handle further conflict, our military resources are streatched to the brink. How could the Administration even BEGIN to CONSIDER the idea of invading another country right now? But Will the American people stand idly by and let this happen? What could we do? Will we be silenced again by the suppresion of dissent? Will we be forced to become terrorists ourselves in order to be heard in the halls of our government? How many military men will have to defect? How many protesters will have to show up on the white house lawn? What will we have to do to stop it?

I think about it, and I am afraid.

Legislating from the Bench

This is a phrase that I keep hearing. And I keep thinking... uhhhh No? Today in this article on CNN re: The overturning of the stickers in Georgia (YAY) they said the following:

"It's another example of how the bench is dictating to people what symbols they can display, if they can pray or not pray or if they can teach a particular subject," said Sadie Fields, head of the Georgia chapter of the Christian Coalition

I think, that miss Sadie Fields, along with all the people who opposed gay marriage etc need an education about our system of government. The Legislative and Executive branches make laws and are elected by a Majority, and because of that they serve the interests of the Majority (be it the National Majority or the Majority of people in Bumfuck Georgia). Because the Majority controls the Executive and Legislative branches of government they will frequently make laws or decisions that may or may not be in the best interests of the Minority. The Judicial Branch's job is to protect the consitution, and through that to protect the rights of all US Citizens including but not limited to the Minority, (the people who cannot out vote laws that are not in their best interests.)

So While Miss Sadie Fields and some others in different scions of society may think it is unfair that the Judges are not allowing them allowing them and their fundamentalist friends to force their views onto other people's children, They are not in fact legislation, In fact, they are preventing your legislation from working because it is not in the best interests of all of the children, only YOUR children. And if you don't like it, start a private school and then you can teach sex is bad and "No, God just went click."

So Miss Fields I don't really understand where this whole "legislating from the bench" thing came about, or who you heard say it, but they were stupid so you shouldn't repeat things that they say. Though you may disagree with a judge, do keep in mind that there may be others who agree (though I'm sure you don't know any of them). And that the law they are declaring unconstitutional may be inflicting pain on someone who cannot do anything about it because they are in the minority. To these people those "activist judges" are Heros and Heroines protecting the rights of the few from the whims of many.